Customized French Style Miniature Portrait Hand Made Bronze Trinket Box



Product Description

Customized French Style Miniature Portrait Hand Made Bronze Trinket Box

I am addicted to European antique boxes since the visit of France and become a collector. With years of effort and endless persistence, I have visited many traditional factories, handicraft workshops, brass box craftsman and miniature oil painting artists, spending uncountable money and time to make samples. Finally, I revive the skills to remake this traditional box.

It is the best tailor-made gifts for your lovers

In the past, only the imperial family members, noble and the privilege people are able to afford months of income for the ordinary to make such a dedicated and precious trinket box for the beloved one. They also need to expense much time for the painting too. Those boxes are well conserved as a family inheritance, from grandparents to grandsons for centuries so that we can still have chance to admire them.

Now, you can only simply send us the digital photo and we will make it for you!

Photo shown is my rough handmade prototype and the finalized product will be more beautiful and smooth with dedicated work.

The normal lead time for the customized box is ~3 weeks as the miniature painting master required. Please send me your photo needed to be put on the lid of boxes. It can be portrait, landscape scene or famous / classic paintings and we will confirm the artwork with you before shipping out.

A gift that is worth keep for generations