8 Meter Roll Car Tire Guard Line Vehicle Color Wheel Rims Protectors / Strip Tire Guard Line Rubber Mounding Trim



Product Description


Product Description:
【Size】: Length 8m (foot) width 8.2mm
【Material】:IPA+3M 94 special grade mixed adhesive
【Net Weight】: 180g
【Gross weight】: 180g
【Packing】: plastic bag
[Suitable models]: Universal type
【installation method】:
1. Clean the hubs of the four wheels of the car, including the hub protection ring.
2. Wipe off the dust and water stains on the surface of the hub and let it dry naturally.
3. Tear off the 3M adhesive of this product for a period of time and stick it along the edge of the hub protection ring.
4. After cutting, please cut off the extra decorative strips
5. Finally, use your finger to press the uneven place to keep the appearance harmonious.
1. Super-grade 3M 94 mixed adhesive, special for difficult to stick, keep life, no longer worry about falling off.
2. The color is bright and dazzling, it is a must-have item for personalized DIY modified riders.
3. The characteristic of the decorative strip protects the hub from scratching by external forces, and it is the most cost-effective thing to spend the least money.
4. A set of vehicle equipment, small wheels 4+1 and spare! Four large wheels are sufficient.
5. IPA soft rubber material imported from South Korea, resistant to cold and heat!
1. The edge of the hub has a flat width of at least about 0.5 cm.
2. It is not recommended to install the automobile wheels after being frosted or painted.
3. It is not recommended to install when the speed exceeds 180 mph
4. Please install in a sunny or low humidity environment
5. Please heat it after installation, do not use it immediately. Generally it can be used normally after 3-5 hours.
Do not wash the car 3-5 days after installation, please replace it in time if the decorative strips fall off.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm