Chinese Pu’er Tea Beginner Tea Age (Raw / Cooked) Course Package


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Have you ever tasted an amazing and unforgettable Chinese tea and you have tried to source it by the label or marking on the wrapping paper? Unfortunately, it is probably that you will never find it in the market unless you buy from the same supplier who has kept the stock in same production lot.


The reason is that the fake or counterfeit tea production volume is actually more than the branded factories every year. Take “Laobanzhang” old tree tea (from an ancient village in Bulang Mountain) as an example, the yearly production volume is ~50 tons only but the tea branded or labeled with “Laobanzhang” is over 1000 tons every year! The startup cost of making the simple wrapping paper and the packing for those precious and valuable teas is unbelievably low while the revenue is extremely high!

Counterfeit Pu’er seized with “market value” US$ 300 Million in a single raid


The quality of tea varies a lot under different storage or aging condition depending on the humidity, temperature, and ventilation of warehouse, supported by the experience of management. In fact, more than 60% Pu’er tea warehouses were found to be unqualified in 2010. You can expect that most of the “Aged” Pu’er, especially before 2010 or even in 20 centuries are either fake or deteriorated.

Certainly, the counterfeit teas are easily distinguished by the experienced tea traders. However, they are interested to do for the famous brands like “Da Yi” only, which it is usually not for daily use but for investment. Counterfeit tea is usually bad in taste and may affect your health for long term usage, especially for those get mold on them. Therefore, it is recommended to buy tea from reliable tea suppliers only. As a tea lover, you may not need to be an expert who can tell the age, the brand or the validity of tea, but you need the ability to distinguish the good tea from the bad one so that you can enjoy them.

After hundreds of tea session with different Pu’er masters and traders all over China, we concluded their experience and carefully picked various Pu’er in different years as beginner packs to train up the tasting ability of new tea lovers.

Pu’er beginner pack LV 1(Cooked Pu’er Tea Age Course)

2 packs (20 grams for 2 serves) each

LaoTongZhi Year 2003 Shu (cooked) Pu-erh Tea Brick

CNNP Year 2007 7581 Cooked Tea Brick

Xiaguan Year 2010 Classic Pu-erh Tuo Tea 

Phoenix Year 2014 Customized Pu-erh Tuo Tea 

CNNP Year 2017 COFCO 7571 Cooked / Shu Pu-erh Tea Cake

Test: Secret Year cooked Pu-erh

Pu’er beginner pack LV 2(Raw Pu’er Tea Age Course)

2 packs (20 grams for 2 serves) each

Xiaguan Year 2006 Jia Ji (A grade) Raw / Green Pu-erh Tuo Tea 

Da-Yi Year 2008, Raw / Green Pu-erh 7582 Tea Cake

CNNP Year 2011 COFCO YI-WU Big-Green-Tree Raw / Green Puer Tea Cake

Da-Yi Year 2013, Raw / Green Pu-erh 7542 Tea Cake

BulangShan Year 2018, Raw / Green Pu-erh Tea Brick

Test: Secret Year Raw / Green Pu-erh

They are the six typical Pu’er from famous brands with their classic formula. The aging properties or taste are obvious with their corresponding years for the beginners. Each tea has a QR code on the label and you can scan it to get the tea information on web. We have included 2 packs (2 serves) of tea with hidden information and you can get it by scanning after tasting as simple test.

This course can help you to build up the skill in year estimation and you can experience the typical formula from branded tea factories at the same time.

Pu’er beginner pack:


Pu’er beginner pack LV 1(Cooked Pu’er Tea Age Course)

12 packs (120 grams for 12 serves)

US$28.0 including shipping by airmail


Pu’er beginner pack LV 2(Raw Pu’er Tea Age Course)

12 packs (120 grams for 12 serves)

US$35.0 including shipping by airmail


LV1 +LV2 (Cooked and Raw Pu’er Full Tea Age Course)

24 packs + 6 random packs as gift

30 packs (300 grams for 30 serves)

US$60.0 including shipping by airmail



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